Full-featured vector-raster online graphic editor (the set of features offered is unmatched in the world). Co-draw functions in any browser. The user can create and edit graphics without installing additional software! Apart from standard features realized by other graphic editors Co-draw boasts a number of unique abilities for which there are no counterparts in other existing editors. Co-draw can work with company databases directly, which means that a designer creating outlines automatically receives names and images of available components, while an engineer preparing a measurement scheme has automatic access to control measurements information from the company database, etc. Apart from this feature CO-Draw can manipulate database information directly from the image! A simple illustration of this is adjusting the bill of materials (BOM) from the sketch.

Unique features:
  • Work in browser – eliminates the necessity to install additional software
  • Cross-platform, cross-browser. The user can select any platform (PC, Mac, Linux) as well as any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera)
  • Remote collaboration. This feature allows the user to organize remote joint work on one graphic within the corporate network, as well as with remote departments, clients, contractors or employees via Internet.
  • External text data connect. Automatically connects all necessary text data from any database. For instance, for image type «components placement» automatically connects component names from Items Data Table, for «measurements scheme» - Points of Measurement from webPDM.
  • External graphic data connect. Automatically connects all necessary graphics. For example, for sketch type «Components placement» automatically connects components images from the database.
  • Searching and editing Internet images. Search and edit the images you need in the global network directly from your graphic editor.
  • Roll-back to any previous version. You can restore your images to any step of design process starting from creation of a new project file.
  • Common library. A specially developed library of frequently used objects is at your disposal for creation of new graphics. You can also create your own base libraries and share access with your subsidiaries, contractors and partners.
  • Automatic text data translation. One click will automatically translate all text data on your sketches into a foreign language of your choice.
  • Internal database search. Search and edit all necessary images from your local databases.
  • Direct integration into existing ERP, PDM, PLM system, etc.
  • Data export into commonly used formats. You can export images created in Co-draw into such widespread formats as JPG, PNG, BMP, and SWG.
  • Easy customization. Integrate Co-draw directly in your systems and customize it in just several hours.
  • Extended color palettes management
Advantages of using Co-draw:
  • Ultimate efficiency of your financial investments. Co-draw is substantially cheaper than standard graphic editors. You do not have to pay for every individual workstation as is customary in standard graphic editors. All you need to do is buy one license and use it for unrestricted quantity of workstations.
Time saving
  • Remote collaboration. Don’t waste time sending info back and forth, discussing agreements or waiting for approvals. Enjoy team-work on images, make additions, modifications and corrections online with the help of additional Co-draw instruments (chat, audio conferences).
  • External text and graphic data connection. Don’t waste your time on manually editing your images when changing the data in databases. Use external objects to connect your images with database content automatically and update all the images when altering the database.
  • Searching and editing Internet images and local database images. Don’t waste your time searching and downloading images from Internet or your local databases. Now you can search and edit the images directly from Co-draw.
  • Common library. Use your templates library to create new graphics.
  • Automatic text data translation. Save your time, do not translate documentation manually. Use our automatic translator!
  • Direct integration into system. Forget about time-consuming downloading, program launching, editing your images locally and uploading them to the database of your system. Work directly in the database!
  • External text and graphic data connect. What risks do you face if you have used one component for a hundred models and then, for instance, decide to rename it? Will all your images created with this component become incorrect?! This will never happen to you if you work with Co-draw. It automatically updates all images when you change any data used from external sources.
  • Roll-back to any previous version. You can be certain that with Co-draw you will not either lose any data or make any crucial mistakes. At any given time moment you can restore every single one of your images to any version and browse the history of a user’s operations.
  • Common library. You want to provide access to your image library for your remote collaborators, partners and contractors but are suspicious of standard facilities, as using those means risking a breach of security? With Co-draw you can grant secure access to your libraries of frequently used objects in just several seconds.
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