Increase transparency of business processes, improve coordination of process and control in your company.
The system offers visual construction of workflow, manual, automatic and semiautomatic assigning/reassigning tasks between the employees, stage tracking of works execution.
How do you usually start the human resources planning process at the beginning of every season, every collection and at any stage of your business process? Naturally, you analyze the results of your employees work during the previous seasons using different criteria. After this you try to create the most effective plan to distribute new work assignments as efficiently as possible to achieve maximum success. And what do you do if one of your most efficient employees in charge of important key processes of your business falls ill and can not continue? What to do if you suddenly receive an attractive unscheduled order? How to redistribute the work to complete scheduled and unscheduled work most effectively? And what to do if some employees have passed ahead in their assignments while others are lagging behind? Modern business raises a huge number of these and similar questions.
Tasks assigning and reassigning takes a lot of time especially if there are a lot of employees involved in your business processes. Our tool automatically analyzes all the previous experience of your staff to give you tips and different options on how to distribute and redistribute tasks to achieve maximum success. The system not only gives you advice, but also provides reasoned arguments.
The system is based on artificial intelligence technologies (neural network and genetic algorithms).
Besides standard features realized in a number of other project management systems Apparel Workflow has several unique ones.
  • Simple integration into existing systems (PDM, ERP, PLM, etc).
  • Automatic creation and modification of charts at any given time.. Whenever the need may arise, this system will supply you with optimum schedules of your employees performance in automatic mode using the following optimality criteria:
  • Time - complete all tasks in time. No lateness!
  • Quality - distribute tasks to ensure the most effective workload for all employees taking into account their specialization in a particular task
  • Even distribution of human resources load
  • Virtual elimination of employees idle time
  • Automatic tracking and analysis of the employees work patterns.
  • Work in browser, not necessary to install additional software on your clients workstations - cross-browser, cross-platform. You can select any platform (PC, Mac, Linux) and any browser for work (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera)
  • Tracking of current stage of task execution. Analyze the current stage of task/task group completion in absolute and relative values (completion rate, %)
  • Design processes of any complexity or hierarchical structure. Offers such features as task nesting, task grouping, various conditions of transition to next stages.
  • All possible tasks relations.
  • Manual creation of new graphs and modification of system-built graphs. You can create task graphs manually and enter any manual corrections into automatically scheduled tasks.
  • Semiautomatic work mode. This is a unique feature that allows you to perform part of the scheduling/rescheduling works manually, and the rest - automatically. For instance, you have several VIP models that you want to assign to certain users and to certain time periods. In this situation you can do certain tasks distribution manually and assign them to desired parameters and leave the rest of the task to be distributed automatically.
  • Consolidated analytical reports. This feature offers you the real-time opportunity to analyze your employees performance, work patterns and results in just several clicks.
  • Convenient visual graphical user interface. Simple intuitive user-adapted visual interface allows you to start working in the system in several hours.
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