Our Mamagi scanners enable any company to digitize their products with a high accuracy. We have developed a unique technology that allows the user to view Mamagi scans in any web browser without additional software. The world we live in is three-dimensional. The two-dimensional representation of objects currently available in the Internet is a distortion of reality due to lack of technology for transformation of material objects into high quality Mamagi images.
The company FlexBricks presents a simple but powerful universal solution. The apparel industry is an area that will benefit greatly if the products are presented as Mamagi images. It is vital for design, samples control and selling clothes to have a realistic three-dimensional view of the garments. Naturally Mamagi technology provides the user with a great range of possibilities, but the essential ones for apparel industry are remote samples control of product and online presentation of products as interactive Mamagi models.
Mamagi for OnLine Catalogs and ECommerce.
The findings of numerous independent market studies show that a website’s conversion index (converting visitors into buyers) is 60% higher if the online shop presents goods as 360 images.
There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon: potential customers do not trust two -dimensional photos, as these do not present a clear view of the goods being sold.
Mamagi scans can not be processed, prettified, camouflaged in a graphic editor. Only Mamagi images create the impression of a real-life shop for the buyers, giving them the opportunity to look at the product closely from every side. The users have such features at their disposal as Mamagi rotation by mouse-click; options to enlarge or reduce the image as a whole or as individual image blocks.
Mamagi for remote Samples Control.
Mamagi simplifies the whole process of your collaboration with contractors shortens production cycles and cuts production costs. It takes only a few minutes for the remote contractor to provide your internal corporate management system with a high quality Mamagi scan of any given garment in real-time. The customer then can rotate the scan to have a close look at any given section of the sample, make visual comments and corrections, attach them to the Mamagi scan and send everything back to the contractor.
Mamagi increases the attractiveness of the contractor for potential customers. The contractor who uses this system is easier, faster and more cost-effective to work with!
Implementation of Mamagi system for collaboration with contractors means fantastically fast return of investment (ROI): between 2 and 5 months!
Working with our Mamagi scanner does not require long training or acquisition of additional skills.
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